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Our energy system speaks to us. We must listen and act in order to achieve our best health. After my Reki Alchemy with Jasmine, I felt rejuvenating and the body pain has subsided extensively. Jasmine explained she had assist others heal the emotional energy body to manifest physical healing through mental & physical alchemy which I will follow up further session soon. Thanks Jasmine.


Had an amazing Reiki and Mental Alchemy session with Jasmine in her safe and lovely space 🥰 For those who would like to experience a refreshed self and beyond that, do find out more from Jasmine. Highly recommended!



I went to meet Jasmine for my first reiki healing session, and I did not know what to expect during such a session. I was brought into a very relaxing room, and I could feel how peaceful and calm the environment was. Jasmine’s concise explanation of the background and process of reiki healing made me felt at ease immediately (she even sent some articles/YouTube videos after the session for my reference!). The healing session itself was soothing and somehow it calmed my mind and body. Jasmine continued to follow up on how I felt even days after! Amazing experience and I am very glad that I’ve tried it!!

I hear you want to know more about me,
and what I do.

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All my life, I thought I was crazy.
There is always this yearning to go deeper. 

I thought there should be more-
more to life,
more intimate connections to the relationships I have,
more to my inner world than what meets the eye.

But wherever and whoever I turn to, I was told,

"That is all there is, what more do you want?"

But I didn't give up.
I continue the search of that missing piece that feels ever so essential to feel alive. 

In the midst of that journey, I was told I have a sun-pluto aspect in my astrology chart. When I was a child, I was often shamed for being an overthinker, too intense, overly sensitive, when in fact what I have is a vast and deep connection to the inner world. 

And then it made sense.

So I embark on my second journey - facing my inner darkness through many pains, heartaches and tears. And little by little, I shed my ego, stories and beliefs, transforming my shadows into light. 

Sun-Pluto, once a source of my shame and pain, now allowed me to step into my most vulnerable, yet most powerful self. Sun-Pluto alchemised my shadows into light, my curses into gifts, my fear into power.

Now I'm sharing my sun-pluto with you.


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Reiki is a form of energy healing modality. During a session, a reiki practitioner will channel reiki, the Universal life force energy, to you.  

We are all made up of different bodies - mental, emotional and physical, and all of them contribute to our energetic body. During a reiki session, reiki energy will be channelled into your energetic body, and it will intuitively prioritise and support where it is needed the most right now- mentally, emotionally or physically.

In some form or way, our healing journey, and sometimes life itself, can get to us. Reiki can sometimes simply be a gentle support during challenging times. Other times, reiki can make a profound impact, playing a significant role in our healing journey, our way of life itself, and sometimes, even opening up our psychic abilities.

No two reiki is the same. It differs not just from practitioner to practitioner, it can also differ from session to session. I believe each practitioner is unique, and the reiki channeled always reflect the essence of the practitioner. 

Take your time to understand and choose your practitioner. Their personality, character, values and energy, and how they might align with your need and journey.

I encourage you to schedule a discovery call with me, allowing us to learn more about each other, and explore how we can co-create to best support you.

Article on
Clinical Studies of Reiki, which found reasonably strong evidence for Reiki being more effective, suggesting that Reiki attunement leads to a quantifiable increase in healing ability.


According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, we operate at three level of awareness- conscious, subconscious and unconscious. All levels have an influence on our behaviours. During our waking times, it is hard to dive into our unconscious to change our innate feelings, emotions and thoughts. 

Active imagination, a process birthed by Carl Jung, can be used to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious. Through the process of active imagination, we journey into your unconscious and allow the stories and emotions to be seen, heard, felt and understood.

As we allow the stories and emotions of the unconscious to be processed and integrated, so we can experience less conflicting emotions and thoughts in our day-to-day life.

Personally, I had been through several types of counselling and therapies. In cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions, even though I had consciously chose to change my mind and reframe my thoughts, there is little shifts to my emotional state. Great effort is always needed in order for me to change my behaviours. It often feels like there's something holding me back, and I'm constantly in a state of tug-of-war. 

That is when instead of persistently trying to changing my thoughts and behaviours, I started to delve straight into my unconscious, to listen to them, hold space, to understand, instead of pushing them away.

My healing journey becomes unexpectedly impactful and profound. 

Not only I no longer need immense effort to change my thoughts and behaviours, the clarity that comes along is so profound that I was able to see things from a perspective I did not used to. Courage starts to seep in,  fear and worries no longer dictate my life.


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While Reiki heals your energetic body, we will always be limited by our conditionings. While Mental Alchemy expands our mental body, it can sometimes feels like a struggle to shift our emotional and energetic body. 

Coming from personal experience where I had many triggers, emotions and conditionings to work through, reiki eases the process. And while moving through blocks that stops me from manifesting my desires, that's when I realised reiki itself might not enough, and that's where Mental Alchemy steps in. 

Don't get me wrong- we are not looking to 'fix' ourselves. Life itself is a journey of healing and expansion. The more we heal, the more we expand, the more capacity we have for what's more to come. What we can do for ourselves is to be supported for this journey, making it less of a struggle, and more at ease.

Come in to experience for yourself.
Allow yourself to be supported, and witness how life may change for you.


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