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Night Sky



Kind words from clients I have so much heartfelt gratitude for.

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It was meant to be that my first-ever reiki experience was with Jasmine. She holds space for you in the warmest, gentlest way and makes you feel very safe and supported. Her energy exudes kindness, compassion, intuition and light, and her ability to connect to what might be going on with you was so spot-on that I was blown away. Thank you Jasmine, this experience has really shifted something in a huge (and wonderful) way for me.



My very first reiki experience and session was with Sun Pluto Alchemy and I don’t think I could have made a better choice. Going into something unfamiliar not knowing what to expect could bring about a sense of anxiety, but Jasmine has a gift of putting people entirely at ease — I was made to feel wholly comfortable, and so could be in a state to receive her gifts and sharing. Throughout the session, I could almost discern subtle but palpable sensations in my being, evoking a deep-seated sense of warmth and comfort.
I also admired that the details of the session were really well thought out, down to the very music used during the session. But what struck me as much as the reiki itself, was the intuitive read that came at the end of the session, which spoke directly to my innermost considerations and thoughts. It feels wonderful to have someone who has the intuition to bring up these inner dialogues.
Energy is energy and itself is neither positive nor negative. In the hands of Jasmine, it’s put to tremendously positive use, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to interact with it.



Beautiful Jasmine definitely has healing hands. She did reiki and mental alchemy for me. During the reiki session, it felt like the different parts of my were being energetically and gently massaged - and I had so much trust in her that the different parts of me that she worked on allowed themselves to rearrange and move as needed while she was working on them, with no resistance.
With the mental alchemy, and her gentle and loving voice and presence, I was able to tap into parts of myself that needed to be reframed and shifted. To add to it, it was an enjoyable experience, mainly because my creative parts felt safe with her, and the visuals that represented my parts that needed alchemising made themselves known.
I have so much love and gratitude for Jasmine!!!



Highly recommend Jasmine as a Reiki healer and Mental Alchemy practitioner. Her loving and open manner, sense of humour and compassion makes an utterly amazing experience!
Jasmine is a passionate and dedicated energy healer. She explained everything she would do prior to the session. I have learnt a lot from her about the Reiki Chakra's and how they connect to the body's organs. The healing environment is truly beautiful and tranquil. And the session was delivered by someone who can make me feel at ease and peace as soon as I entered the room. More important, Jasmine is very intuitive and tuned into the greater cosmic energy! This enables her to know which parts of my body need more healing, as well as some of my past experiences that may have traumatized me.
The Mental Alchemy treatment is extremely amazing! With Jasmine’s guided meditation, I dived deep down into my subconsciousness. It was my first time to experience something like “past life regression”. With the guidance from Jasmine, I saw images of a few of my past lives! I realized I was a British army general in the previous past life. He was poisoned to death during WW2. This perfectly explains why I’m so strict on food in this life, haha.



Had the opportunity to try reiki with Jasmine at an event few weeks ago. She really made the effort for the experience to be as comfortable as possible. I almost fell asleep.
More importantly we had a chat afterwards about what she could feel from me and I realized there's an underlying sorrow/heartbreak that I have been avoiding. Mostly cus I dreaded facing it... it's a timely reminder that I didn’t know I needed. felt lighter and very sleepy immediately after. Been a few weeks and the funny headache I had for a while dissipated.
Overall I truly recommend Sun Pluto Alchemist’s Reiki experience :)) If you’re feeling a little bothered but can’t put a finger on it give this a try!




I was operating from a very frazzled space when I'd scheduled to meet Jasmine for a Reiki session. She explained the whole journey so nicely before hand and her set up is so inviting and pleasant. The hour long Reiki felt absolutely fantastic, you can feel Jasmine's love and attention coming through! When I sensed that we were close to the top of the hour, I was so utterly utterly relaxed, but I wanted to say "more more!". Jasmine gives with her heart, and that is the secret of her healing.
We followed that with a Mental Alchemy session, and her sharp intuition picked upon distinctly what I needed to connect with and we uncovered it with gentle prompts. with such sweet compassion she took me on that journey.
I felt so centered, calm and peacefully energetic the rest of the evening, the night sleep was great and I was still so calm and settled the next day too! I highly recommend this dear soul for her Reiki and I can't wait for my next session with her!


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